Capitalise on the power AWS puts at your disposal.

Stax, gives you the insights you need to make mission-critical decisions as the situation demands, and capitalise on all the power AWS puts at your disposal.

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Cost control has become a critical issue for enterprises embarking on the AWS journey, but it's far from the only aspect of AWS they need to manage. Without strong oversight, the platform's almost effortless scalability can lead to complex deployments. Fortunately, one monitoring service, called Stax, gives you the insights you need to make mission-critical decisions as the situation demands, and capitalise on all the power AWS puts at your disposal.

Stax, the most comprehensive AWS monitoring tool on the market, shifts you from the AWS coalface to the cockpit. It gives you an insightful, enterprise-wide overview of all your accounts across critical dimensions, and provides simple, pragmatic advice to help you make the most of your deployments.

The free version of the product includes the cost module, so you can effortlessly track AWS costs in completely customisable reports. You can set budgets and receive notifications when thresholds are met, and costs are set to spike, so you can avoid the dreaded end-of-the-month bill panic.

In the Wastage module, you're in a position to really streamline your expenditure. On average, a new Stax customer has the potential to save 35 percent or more of their monthly AWS spend--but they don't know it. In a matter of months, we help the typical client reduce that figure by up to 60 percent.

Key to those savings is the Wastage report, which details how you're over-spending. Perhaps you're running underutilised EC2 or RDS instances; maintaining EBS volumes or snapshots which aren't needed; using old, expensive instance types; or choosing an inappropriate S3 storage type. Whatever your circumstances, Stax gives your teams intelligent advice, right in the interface, to help them reduce wastage immediately.

With Cost and Wastage monitoring, you'll be able to reduce expenditure intelligently, for the benefit of your business and customers. There's no guess-work, and no margin for error. In this way, Stax really helps to optimise your deployments, and ensure that things run as efficiently as possible, every day.

Another vital factor for optimisation is compliance, which can be an enormous burden for enterprise-level businesses in this environment. Even if you don't leave compliance reviews till audit time, the effort involved in meeting multiple standards across a complex mix of accounts often sees costly breaches occur and, if you're not tracking compliance, go unnoticed.

With Stax, you can set your own compliance rules at team, environment, and business levels, with the help of hundreds of built-in, configurable rules. Next, create compliance checks and give each one a risk level, and we'll alert you as soon as anything goes off track.

Now you can be certain your deployments are compliant. If they're not, Stax will alert the right person immediately--and give them the information they need to tackle the problem today, not at the next audit. Stax's automated data targeting makes it easy to oversee, manage, and meet complex compliance requirements at enterprise scale.

For more info and to download Stax's latest whitepaper.