CBSi to partner with Australia's largest tech event, CEBIT Australia

CBS Interactive's team across ZDNet and TechRepublic are heading to this year's CEBIT in Sydney to get the latest directions around technology in the region.

For years CEBIT Australia has been the premiere event on the Australian calendar that brings tech and innovation together with business vision and leadership. Offering both panels and discussion around future directions for technology with networking opportunities, it's an event that anyone across the gamut of IT, operations, marketing, sales and HR, across both the public and private sector, will want to attend. This year's CEBIT Australia will run from Tuesday, October 29 through Thursday, October 31, and CBSi is proud to be a media partner to the event.

This year, the event will hone in closely on the new wave of advanced technology that's just starting to make landfall. Innovation is a constant in technology, but with the likes of AI and Blockchain providing the underpinning foundations, there is a great breadth of innovation that is landing all at once for leaders in all fields to grapple with.

The themes that will shape CEBIT this year:

  • Transformation and disruption
  • Driving business growth
  • Data privacy & trust
  • The future of work
  • Changing lives with technology
  • Applications of emerging technology

These themes will be canvassed across presentations by dozens of thought leaders across industry, academia and research, with four stages and two innovation labs booked out for presentations, wall-to-wall, for each of the three days of the events. To see the full schedule, click here (

It's a star-studded line-up of speakers. Other faces that you'll see over the three days include a who's who of people pushing the boundaries of the role of technology within both our lives and work, including:


  1. Dr Catriona Wallace, Founder and Executive Director or, a provider of machine learning-powered cognitive virtual assistant technologies for the financial services industry. Key insights and lessons will be shared on how to get started on an AI path … ideally for we humans to maintain the upper hand….!
  2. Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer, F-Secure, In this keynote session, the security expert aims to show the way forward to a future where the security team always says 'yes'.
  3. Stephen Attenborough, Commercial Director, Virgin Galactic, commercial space travel is closer than we think, but how will this new space age impact our business and personal lives? Attenborough advocates the importance of opening access to space for the benefit of life on Earth and will also explore the impact that improved access to Space could have for business opportunities across multiple industries in the future.
  4. Michelle Simmons, Director, Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology, University of New South Wales Sydney, has been a pioneer in the emergence of practical applications of Quantum sciences. Professor Simmons will look at why quantum computing has the potential to transform computing as we know it and explain SQC's vision and all that they are working to achieve.
  5. David Hanson Ph.D, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Hanson Robotics, During this golden age of AI and robotics, with accelerating revolutions both in technology and applications, how can we ensure that future AI will be safe and enhance our lives? As such machines become increasingly complex, perhaps even sentient, will they serve us? Will they even care? Maybe, by humanizing our machines, we can realize a stable world with growing benefits for all sentient beings.
  6. Kriti Sharma, Founder, AI For Good and Advisor, United Nations, an Artificial Intelligence expert and a leading global voice on ethical technology and its impact on society. In her keynote session, Kriti takes the focus away from the panic of AI and the robots taking over, and instead discusses the importance of taking the human bias out of AI. Kriti will explore the need to create AI using diverse teams, from diverse backgrounds and experiences, in order to maximise the positive potential of this transformative technology and how it can and is being used for world-changing social good. 

Another noteworthy speaker is Stephen Scheeler, Former CEO of Facebook ANZ, and Founder of The Digital CEO, an advisory organisation that consults to McKinsey & Company. With plenty more talented experts speaking throughout the three days.

CEBIT Expo Pass provides attendees access to keynotes sessions and the exhibition at no cost. The Day Tripper Pass for $250 +GST (on your preferred day) or Platinum Pass for $499 +GST (3 days) gives attendees access to all content, as well as the all-new "Braindate" networking opportunities.

Braindates are 30-minute one-on-one or 45-minute group discussions that attendees can book with other CEBIT attendees via the CEBIT Event App. This is an initiative by CEBIT Australia to ensure that the event is not just about knowledge downloads from the leading speakers, but also providing attendees with the opportunity for open conversation and making new business connections.

Finally, it's important not to miss a trip to the show floor itself, where exhibitors will be showing off the latest and greatest technologies on the market. There you'll find the "Brand Activation Campus" which provides immersive technology demonstrations, while the "Tech on the Deck" space provides a fun outdoor "deck" space to engage with a host of technology and gadgets.


CEBIT Australia is three days of wall-to-wall content, and you'll want to be there for all of it. As a media partner, CBS Interactive brands ZDNet and TechRepublic will also be at the show in force to cover all the highlights and gain exclusive insights behind the scenes.

Get access to all these speakers and content by attending this year's CEBIT.