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Digital workplaces must give employees sense of purpose

By providing the right digital tools, companies can spark creativity and encourage innovation in their workplace.

Almost every organisation that is concerned about business longevity is thinking about digital transformation. Digital transformation initiatives are expected to fuel global IT spending by 4.3 percent next year to reach $3.7 trillion, according to Gartner.

Likewise, in Asia Pacific, digital transformation is being embraced not only as a fuel for the growth of businesses but of economies as well. The Singapore government, for instance, said it would commit SG$2.4 billion over the next four years to "future-proof" its economy and help local enterprises with their digital journey.

Part of this evolution involves creating a digital workplace that is conducive for the workforce of today and tomorrow -- one where employees can create and collaborate securely and inspires innovation and creativity.

So how should organisations nurture this new culture of work? Microsoft collaborated with Forbes Insights to look at what businesses need to consider in creating future workplaces.

Among others, the workforce of the future needs to be able to:

  • Visualise large volumes of data
  • Innovate and create at a rapid pace
  • Express ideas with smart applications

By providing the right digital tools, companies can spark creativity and encourage innovation in their workplace. Employees in modern workspaces will be able to work in natural language, and through voice, touch, and gaze. They also can express ideas through smart applications as well as discover and build on the expertise of their peers.

88 percent of employees who feel they have control over where and how they work are more engaged and fulfilled in their job. As leaders, are we fostering an environment that empowers and inspires our employees? This could be your critical differentiator in attracting the best talent in the market and accelerating your digital workplace evolution.

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