Empower your business with win-ready data

Join Aberdeen’s Mike Lock and a rotating cast of IBM experts to learn how data management is the critical prerequisite for success in analytics and AI.

Analytical Empowerment: Connecting Business Skill with Cutting-Edge

Data growth has been a trend for years now; every business is struggling with increasingly large datasets and few easy options for leveraging and monetizing them.

According to Mike Lock, Senior Vice President and Principal Analyst at Aberdeen, the need for data access and manipulation is moving beyond IT. In this podcast series, he shares that stakeholders across all lines of business need more and better data, but only 35% of them are satisfied with their ease of access and the relevance of the data they find.

In addition, more than half of the professionals he's surveyed are "dissatisfied or indifferent" with the quality of the data they need to drive critical business decisions. 

The key to fixing this disparity and empowering business analysts lies in consolidating and 'cleaning' datasets and disseminating powerful, easy-to-use analytics tools that don't require IT expertise. 

Tune in to this series of informative and insightful podcasts, featuring Mike Lock in conversation with three IBM experts who speak with the authority of real-world experience helping countless enterprise customers:

  • In episode 1, IBM Senior Product Manager for Business Analytics Mike McGeein discusses ways to enhance data access and fluidity.
  • In episode 2, Mike McGeein returns to outline ways that companies can prepare and blend data, optimizing it for analytics workloads.
  • In episode 3, IBM Cognos Senior Product Manager Leah Hostetler talks about ways to expand analytics tools across departments.
  • In episode 4, IBM Product Manager for Business Analytics Jason Tavoularis discusses ways to connect specific lines of business with cutting-edge analytics tools.

Come back each week to hear the next episode in the series, and visit www.ibm.com/products/cognos-analytics to learn more about analytics and data management solutions from IBM.