Enhance security with a camera upgrade

Network-connected, streaming cameras deliver many benefits over traditional security solutions, including remote access to live feeds, real-time alerts, and flexible storage.

Video surveillance is a very important component of small business security; it makes criminals think twice about targeting a location and it helps customers and employees feel safer.

Over the last few years, camera features have improved significantly, even while prices have come down. According to research firm IHS Markit, surveillance camera shipments grew from 9.9 million in 2006 to 106.4 million in 2016. The global market is forecast to hit nearly $20 billion in 2020.

One interesting trend pointed out by IHS Markit is that network-connected cameras grew from 10 percent of shipments in 2006 to 60 percent in 2016, and the firm's 2017 Video Surveillance Trends Report indicates that nearly 29 million of the cameras shipped last year are HD-quality.

These stats illustrate that demand for surveillance technology is growing, and the ubiquity of smartphones and high-bandwidth connections is making network-connected, HD-quality equipment the solution of choice.

Keeping an eye on things

The latest models of surveillance cameras deliver compelling benefits, especially when compared with traditional, analog-based cameras.

With a networked camera solution, you can view video feeds from any mobile device, anywhere you may be. This provides peace of mind for business owners who may be managing multiple locations or whose jobs take them away from the main office.

Network-connected camera solutions can also provide real-time alerts when activity is detected during off-hours. These may be sent via text or email, so owners can check immediately -- wherever they may be -- to ensure that the business location is safe.

Another important feature of connected surveillance is that it outputs digital footage to hard drives -- not videotape. This affords companies the flexibility to determine how much historical footage they need to store, and whether they store it on-site or offload it to a cloud provider. Some surveillance solutions include a storage appliance together with cameras, so business owners benefit from an all-in-one package.

Partner with an expert

Network-connected surveillance cameras and digital storage solutions are the smart and increasingly popular approach to security video today. When businesses are looking for a connected surveillance solution, partnering with an expert provider is a smart move. Cox Business Security Solutions, for example, are backed with the power and reliability of Cox's broadband service along with several unique advantages:

● Security specialists review your company's specific needs and custom-design your surveillance system. Cox offers a variety of fixed and adjustable cameras and on-premises storage options, all of which feature remote access, motion detection, event alerts, and all the networking equipment you'll need to connect the cameras and servers.

● Expert technicians handle the wiring and installation of your surveillance solution, ensuring reliable network performance and even setting up backup connections in case the primary connection is interrupted.

● The network and data connections are owned and operated by Cox, ensuring that your surveillance solution is functioning reliably 24/7 and that video feeds are accessible whenever and wherever you are.

All told, Cox Business Security Solutions delivers the latest in connected, high-quality video surveillance equipment, helping business owners detect and prevent crime, monitor customer and employee activities, and ensure safety and security across one or multiple locations.

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