Finding the necessary skills to lead digital transformation

Organisations are looking to drive revolutionary digital change, but many lack the fundamental technical requirements to facilitate their development.

At the heart of digital transformation is technology: Advancements in AI and automation to create authentic user experiences, IoT and real-time data for tracking digital assets, APIs that simplify the development process, and a range of other vital technological assets. With a steadfast technological foundation, a digital transformation strategy begins to take form.

New Zealand has been at the forefront of digital transformation the world over. As a founding member of the Digital 9 group, the government has made its commitment clear through a collaborative effort across departments and affiliated organisations to make the most of their digital assets. This has allowed for radically new digital changes, like the SmartStart service that minimises stress at key events in a citizen's life.

"With SmartStart we could have simply digitised the birth registration process," says Jeff Montgomery, Registrar-General for Life Events at the Department of Internal Affairs. "By listening to new parents, we were able to reimagine the whole journey from pregnancy to early childhood education.  New parents didn't actually want a birth certificate – they really wanted easier access to a whole range of services, and we had the technology to make that a reality."


Jeff Montgomery will be presenting the Department of Internal Affairs technological journey for how they developed their StartSmart services at the 3rd annual All-of-Government NZ Digital Transformation summit in Wellington. Along with Jeff, New Zealand's Chief Information and Technology Officers will be converging to discuss how the technology assets they rely on are being improved and what makes them so integral to the world-beating services they deliver.

Mitchell Pham, Chairperson for NZTech and a World Class NZ Award Winner for 2018 will be leading a session on smart initiatives and big ideas. During the session, Glen Willoughby of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory will be discussing how NASA is constantly integrating the latest, and sometimes experimental, technologies like augmented reality and swarm robotics, while Dr Mikkel Anderson from the University of Otago will be demonstrating what quantum computing can do for the digital-led government of the future.

This event is not to be missed, if you are a professional working on digital transformation in central or local government, statutory authorities, or DHBs, come to learn and engage with like-minded people that share a passion for building the digital future of New Zealand. For more information or to book visit

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