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Growth and Success in 2022 and Beyond

As the SINO blog nears the end of its run, we look back and reflect on a year of challenge and opportunity.

If you've been reading our blog so far, you know that we've done our best to bring as much advice and guidance to you and your small business as possible.

When we launched this Small In Name Only Multiplexer blog in May, we promised to address the some of the questions shown below. Click the links to check how we did:

As you can see from the links, and from the nearly 80 installments in our canon, we've answered these questions and more. The plain-English explanations from experts David Gewirtz and Wayne Rash, and top-notch reporting from tech writers Jennifer Bosavage, Lilia Guan, and Esther Shein, are invaluable resources.

Lilia, who is based in Sydney, brought a global perspective to her blogs, while Esther tapped into her vast network of industry analysts and small-business owners to bring timely insights to our readers.

These stories also track neatly with research from SMB Group, which noted key trends for small business technology in 2022, including:

Our content has also reflected current events, ensuring that you've been up to date on the ransomware crisis, the chip shortage, and the release of Windows 11, to name a few timely topics that continue to be completely relevant today.

None of this would be possible without our sponsor, Dell Technologies, and their comprehensive solution set for small businesses. Dell gave us the opportunity to put reader value first, just as it puts customer value first when partnering with small organizations.

As we 'sunset' this blog – for now – and I take my leave of ZDNet, I'd like to thank our intrepid Senior Program Manager Kimberly Bicknell for all of her hard work wrangling the writers, loading and formatting these blogs in our CMS, and publishing them for your delectation.

I'd also like to salute you, our readers, for operating your businesses through a global pandemic, a supply chain crisis, a war, and as-yet-unforeseen challenges. Your entrepreneurial spirit – and your savvy adoption of modern tech solutions – will help us all emerge stronger on the other side.


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