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NFL Player Comparison Tool: From Casual Fan to Fanatic

You don't need to know every detail about NFL players to win a fantasy draft. All you need is the NFL Player Comparison Tool, analytical insights, and a little luck.

Do you give up on football once your favorite team falls from the playoffs? Stop selling the season short. 

Friendly Competition  

Practically everyone in the office competes for the title of “champion” and automatic bragging rights of their fantasy football league.  During football season, one thing is clear – in fantasy football, die-hard fans have a major advantage with superior knowledge and insights compared to the casual fan. But that’s not the case anymore. 

In partnership with SAP, the NFL launched an enhanced fantasy football analytics platform that offers users real-time insights.  The NFL’s Player Comparison Tool is powered by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and visualized by SAP Lumira. It enables all sports fans to experience their passion in new and exciting ways, rather than starting players based on the color of a team’s jersey.

With insight into individual players’ stats, the die-hard NFL fanbase, currently around 188 million strong, is sure to grow, and they’ll make more informed and strategic lineup decisions to add parity to every fantasy league on NFL.com. The Player Comparison Tool forecasts NFL player statistics for games during the regular season, helping to pick the fantasy team members by factoring in statistical performance and intangibles like injuries and player rest. The tool benchmarks players against their opponents’ defense, analyzes historical player statistics, dissects how a player will react to weather conditions, and even predicts how a player will adapt to a grass field verses turf.

Smarter Picks

With the NFL’s “Fantasy Genius,” users can be in line with their opponent, outlining exactly which type of impact players are needed for a particular week.  The system even predicts how many points each player in each individual team is going to earn during a specific time frame. Weighting of these critical categories can be customized as well, so if a manager would like to take a bit more risk in hoping for that dynamite performance, he can do so. Or, if the manager expects a win and just needs consistency, he can play it safe as well.

Take a look at this short video to hear how the NFL is perfecting the fan experience:

Utilizing cloud solutions from SAP supports the continued innovation and enhancement of NFL.com’s fantasy football platform, and helps maximize the football season.  SAP and the NFL are deepening the NFL.com fantasy football experience, and providing fans with enhanced analytics and functionality within the game. Expect to now see even the casual fan screaming at the TV all season long, jumping into the excitement behind each catch, big throw, long run, and touchdown. 

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