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Tomorrow Starts Today - 2014 Cisco CIO Summit

Read about Cisco's CIO Summit which will take place in Arizona this year; it promises an ideal environment of interaction between the Chief Information Officers from all manner of industries.

One of the most important ways that Cisco continues to innovate is with its dedication to peer-to-peer sharing and collaboration. For big ideas to take hold, there needs to be a well-connected and reliable network of people who can come together to discuss the areas of computing that matter most now, and will matter most in the near future. For businesses in every sector, CIOs are at the forefront of this, and are therefore the individuals who need to have access to the best information from industry leaders like Cisco.

It is with this in mind that the Cisco CIO Summit was developed. Once a year, CIOs from all areas of industry meet to catch up on the latest IT developments that will undoubtedly affect their areas of enterprise. At the 2013 summit, the overlying theme was 'Redefining What's Possible: Orchestrating Future Productivity'. The wide range of keynotes, presentations and breakout sessions had a continual theme - the Internet of Everything. The push to connect the unconnected has been long-developed, but it's only in the past couple of years that the reality of this future connectivity has become infinitely more tangible, and even directly applied in several ways across the globe.

Now, the 2014 summit is fast approaching, this time taking place in Arizona from the 7th to the 9th of October. The Internet of Everything and related connectivity matters discussed last year have developed across many industries. As a result, the focus of this year's information exchange will build on the previous summit, and cover areas directly resulting from an IT world where connectivity is approaching a whole new scale. The theme this year of 'Tomorrow Starts Today' is very apt.

Firstly, the challenges of increased cloud platform development are calling for a whole new level of security to cope with the often decentralized nature of business. Expect sizable portions of time devoted to the security of these, with a number of solutions being introduced. Another area Cisco will focus on will be the necessary steps to take to prepare for the huge influx of data that will result from the Internet of Everything's implementation. The development of Fast IT has been called the Future of IT, which very much fits with the 2014 summit's tagline.

Aside from the primary areas of discussion this year, the Cisco CIO Summit promises an ideal environment of interaction between the Chief Information Officers from all manner of industries. Granted, certain spheres of enterprise may not directly connect to others, but they share underlying IT requirements that a summit such as this is ideal to cater to.