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Ubermobile's Next Chapter...

Greetings, this is Bill Clark, Global Vice President Mobile Strategy at SAP. I am looking forward to blogging on all things "UberMobile" going forward!

Writer's note: This is my first blog for UberMobile, and I am looking forward to providing insights on all things mobile at this particularly exciting time as the impact of mobile penetrates deeply into mainstream business and IT scenarios.   Thanks to Eric Lai for his contributions to making UberMobile a cyberspace destination for thought leadership in mobility and I wish him future success.

So, where to start this new chapter?

The answer lies in where this blog will lead -- towards an evolution from mobile user interfaces to multichannel, context-aware user experiences.    

The road there is a long one, one first chiseled into the IT forest by the upsurge of "consumer grade" experiences on smartphones and tablets during Eric Lai's tenure at UberMobile.  

This chapter will run likely well into the next decade and will be fraught with false promises and failed technologies alongside incredible opportunities.  

I'm convinced the dawn of a new era of split-client cloud computing is what is necessary to achieve the vision, and my goal is to both push our thinking outside our comfort zones to rethink assumptions about software, and at the same time filter market developments with the experiences gleaned from 25-plus years of building wireless businesses and technologies.  

(Nostalgia: My first wireless app was back in 1987, an industrial automation application on Intel 8088 platform using a Motorola wireless modem at 1200bps; and yes, coverage remains an issue today... some things never change).

Mobile commerce is driving much innovation and investment that is providing the kinds of breakthroughs needed to realize the vision of multichannel, context aware world of experiences, so I invite you to check out my opening webinar from a new Mobile Thought Leadership series.