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Unlocking the power of collaboration

A work environment that doesn't encourage teamwork is among the top five reasons why people quit their jobs.

Today's workforce is more collaborative than ever. In fact, the time that managers and employees spend collaborating has increased by at least 50 percent over the past two decades, according to the Harvard Business Review.

Seamless team collaboration isn't only key to increasing your organization's productivity, but critical to your employee's happiness. An Ernst and Young report has shown that "a work environment that doesn't encourage teamwork is one of the top five reasons why people quit their jobs".

In a modern workplace, business leaders turn to technology to harness the collective ingenuity, creativity, and critical thinking of all employees. A great example is DBS, one of the largest bank in Southeast Asia.

DBS Bank envisages the banking experience of the future as being largely branchless, paperless, and even cashless. To get there it has adopted a truly digital mindset -- not only among its leaders but across its entire staff. New technologies are eagerly embraced, learning is embedded in its work culture, and it even has its own hackathons.

A key part of its transformation has been the early adoption of cloud-based productivity technology, in the form of Office 365, across its operations. The cloud provides DBS employees access to relevant data on-the-go, making them mobile and efficient.

Employees can engage seamlessly with their team mates and build relationships with their customers outside the physical office and traditional office hours. Working better together has enabled them to be more nimble and agile -- in short -- they are more competitive.

The modern workplace isn't an idea of the future, it's already a reality for organizations like DBS. I encourage you to kickstart your workplace transformation journey today and find out more on how you can unlock the power of collaboration here.

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