Winning with Mobile (Infographic)

Mobility brings tremendous opportunities for companies today, both in increased productivity and new business, but an unmanaged deployment invites risk and creates a potential for data loss.

Bring your own device, or BYOD, is already a reality in most businesses. Employees report higher productivity and higher morale when they can use one device for work and personal activities. The most innovative companies are leveraging mobility to win new business, but they're also increasing their vulnerability to data loss and cyber attack. This infographic highlights survey data that shows how BYOD is sweeping the business world and how smart companies can leverage the benefits while keeping sensitive data protected. You'll learn:

  • How innovators view mobility as a driver of increased revenue
  • How many BYOD deployments are not managed properly
  • What steps experts recommend for securing corporate data on mobile devices

Symantec Mobility Infographic