PC OEMs failed to take advantage of Black Friday, except Samsung

PC OEMs failed to take advantage of Black Friday, except Samsung

Summary: While PC OEMs missed a big chance to boost Ultrabook sales, Samsung massaged prices of its flagship Galaxy S III handset in order to boost sales and grab market share.


While most sectors took advantage of the Black Friday sales rush and slashed prices in an attempt to leverage people's wallets from their pockets, one analyst says that PC OEMs missed a big chance to boost Ultrabook sales.

According to Sterne Agee analyst Vijay Rakesh, there were very few Ultrabook promotions, with most selling at the $699-plus level.

Rakesh wrote in an email: "We believe the lack of promotional activity might be a drag on the Win8 and PC ecosystem and a drag on PC chip suppliers [Intel and AMD] looking to clear out inventories into the New Year 2013."

Rakesh did see PC OEMs offering discounts for notebooks, but primarily for low-end $269 to $449 devices.

While PC OEMs failed to take advantage of Black Friday, Rakesh says that smartphone makers embraced the day, with Samsung coming out as a big winner. Sprint and Amazon ran sales of the Galaxy S III, cutting prices down to $49 to $59, compared to the usual $199 for the handset with a 2-year contract.

This, according to Rakesh, could mean at least a million extra Galaxy S III handsets sold this quarter, which will not only benefit Samsung, but also key component suppliers such as Qualcomm, NXP Semiconductors, and RF Micro Devices.

According to a report released by market research firm Strategy Analytics, Samsung ousted Apple from the smartphone top-spot, selling 18 million Galaxy S III handsets during the third quarter, compared to only 16.2 million iPhone 4S handsets.

Image source: Dell.

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  • PC OEMs failed to take advantage of Black Friday, except Samsung

    it took only five years for intel to eat sun's lunch before its market collapsed. i wonder how long will apple lasts?
    • One million phones extra is not much

      I ain't expect much under this economy. We've seen weak #s across board in the recent earning report.
    • Sun failed because...

      everyone really hated Sun Unix administrators. Nasty, pompous lot. Good riddance!
      Tony Burzio
  • $49 for a Galaxy S III? Use to be called dumping.

    How else can they eat some much of the cost....
    • They get you in the contracts

      They can give you the phone for free as long as you sign a gauging 2-yr contract.
  • Not sure how to look at this.

    I think some of the OEM failure was due to how new ULTRABOOKs are for the PC landscape. The SIII has been available for a long time. I did notice that Vizio did price cuts on it's new lineup. If the OEMs aren't careful Vizio will do to them what they did to Sony in the TV Wars.
  • If you know where to look...

    You can almost always get great deals on computers, including Apple computers. Just takes a little bit of looking and honestly, the best black Friday deals I saw were on Apple computers, PCs truly didn't have the markdowns this year.
  • And the winner is - - - - ?????

    Quick observation (which does not carry much weight)... The commercials from MS and Apple are getting to be as irratating as the political ones where the last week of the election - - And now Chrome Book is joining the parade!!! Have not seen much from the HP folks - - guess that they are licking their collective wounds because of the last big "BOO BOO" management created!!! The point is that there are only so many dollars available this year for "nice to have" items and people are going to go where they can get (in their mind) the biggest bang for the buck!!! I say, go get them Samsung!!