2012 in review: Hot topics on ZDNet Mobile News

The year is winding down and it's time to look back on the most popular articles and topics of 2012. It's no surprise that tablets were on everybody's mind.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor
2012 Review tablets

Covering the mobile space for ZDNet is very rewarding, especially for someone who loves all things mobile. The year 2012 saw more activity in mobile than most years with a major product launch happening seemingly every month. 

Every year I take a look back to get a feel for what topics garnered the most interest as it is a good gauge for what is hot in the mobile segment. It's also a good indication for what gadgets were on readers' minds, and especially which ones folks were anxious to find information about.

Top Articles

Here are the top 10 articles published here on ZDNet Mobile News this year:

Only two top articles in 2012 covered smartphones, the rest were all about tablets. The Nexus 7, Google's hot 7-inch entry into the tablet space was popular for readers as was the iPad. The iPad mini was also a hot topic even though it only recently launched. 

Windows 8 and RT and it's application to mobile is of interest to readers. The Surface RT, Microsoft's first foray into the PC hardware business is part of that interest as folks try to determine if it can meet their own needs.

This year was the first year that tablet seekers had good alternatives to the iPad. The Nexus 7 set a good price point for good hardware and the Surface RT provided a nearly full desktop OS in a tablet package. This obviously resonated with readers and proved yet again that choice is a very good thing.

Top slideshows (galleries)

Slideshows are a great way to present lots of information in one place. They usually consist of a set of photos of a product of interest or a series of screen shots to demonstrate a list of top apps. The top 10 slideshow list shows that apps are a popular topic as readers are always trying to find that really good one.

All but one of the top slideshows demonstrated lists of apps and most for the iPad. That's no doubt because so many folks own iPads compared to the competition. The huge number of iPad apps in the store makes finding good ones difficult so these lists of good apps are popular.

This year was very active in the mobile space and with the launch of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 we may find 2013 to be jumping too.

Thanks to all readers who drop by to find out my take on the hot mobile products and news of the day. I enjoy sharing views with you and hope you take something away every time you visit.

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