iPad Mini: Why I am buying one as soon as possible

Even though I have no shortage of tablets, if the iPad Mini is announced as expected I will be buying one. I won't be holding off to think about it either, I will order one as soon as possible.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor
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You could say tablets are in my blood. I have been using them for over a decade, starting with the old-school Tablet PC. I have traded up more often than I care to admit and currently own four tablets.

My love of the tablet caused me to jump on the first iPad at launch. It also prompted me to get the first Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab. That tablet first exposed me to the benefits of a 7-inch tablet. 

More recently I picked up a third generation iPad which is an outstanding tablet. I use it for both leisure activities as you would expect for a tablet, but also to get real work done. 

It hit me squarely that if there was a smaller iPad I would not ever be using the Nexus 7. While the Android apps are good and the Nexus operation is OK, a smaller iPad would be better in every way.

When Google started selling the Nexus 7 I wasted no time grabbing one. I already knew how useful a smaller tablet can be, and the Nexus 7 hasn't disappointed me in that regard. Even though I still use the iPad quite a bit, more often than not I end up grabbing the Nexus 7.

The improvements Google incorporated into the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean, go a long way to making the Nexus 7 work well. The Project Butter features in Jelly Bean finally bring a smooth operation to Android. I have used the Nexus 7 heavily since buying it, with no complaints.

So why am I planning on buying an iPad Mini as soon as possible?

To tell the truth I only came to this decision recently. I used only the Nexus 7 for a week not long ago with no issues. This was not a conscious decision, I simply ended up grabbing the Nexus 7 instead of the iPad due to the more comfortable tablet size.

I spend a heck of a lot of time using a tablet and the smaller Nexus 7 is more comfortable to use. I can do everything I want with it and hold it for long periods. It's just the right size for extended use.

When I realized it had been days since using the iPad I started picking up the iPad instead of the Google tablet. The more I used the iPad the more firmly I realized how much better the experience is compared to the Nexus 7. While I have good apps on both Android and iOS, the iPad apps are better at what they do. The interface of every app I use on the iPad is better than the equivalent app on Android. The features of the iPad apps are carefully tailored to fit the interface, more so than the Android equivalents.

The iPad operates more fluidly than even Jelly Bean on the Nexus, and it never frustrates me with lags or interruptions. The more I use the iPad the more I realize the only reason I have been picking up the Nexus 7 is due to the more comfortable size of the latter.

It hit me squarely that if there was a smaller iPad I would not ever be using the Nexus 7. While the Android apps are good and the Nexus operation is OK, a smaller iPad would be better in every way.

This is not the first time I have come to realize how much better the iPad is than the Nexus 7 for me, but the fact it's a recurring observation is telling. No matter how much effort I put into Android and the Nexus 7 it keeps falling short.

This is strictly my opinion and not intended to persuade anyone to do anything. I firmly believe everyone should use the device that fits their own needs and that they enjoy using. My opinion is not based on speculation, this is my observation formed after hundreds of hours of using both the iPad and Android tablets. While the Android tablets are not bad, the iPad is simply better for me in every way. 

Apple has not admitted there will be an iPad Mini, but I sure hope it produces one. It will be a product I will buy as soon as it goes on sale, and that's a rarity for me. I would gladly pay double what I paid for the Nexus 7, which says a lot. I am probably not alone in how badly I want an iPad Mini.

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