3D printed fetuses are available for delivery

A crowd-funded online retailer is using 3D printing to create actual replicas of the unborn.

 Now, babies can be delivered on demand. A niche online business is offering to 3D print realistic fetuses for expecting parents if nine months is too long to wait, or for those that lose their children in utero.

3D Babies sells life-size, half-size and miniaturized replicas of unborn children that it creates from parents’ ultrasound images of 23-24 week old fetuses. Pricing ranges from US$200 to $800. 

The company received Indiegogo crowd funding in October. Its novel use of 3D printing is another example of the versatility of additive manufacturing. It’s being used for making everything from printable  models to  guns pens , houses human organs, and new varieties of adult toys

There’s even a proposal for a moon base. Babies should come as no surprise, but sometimes they do.

This post was originally published on Smartplanet.com