3G kicks off amid uncertainty

The last few months have been a hotbed for 3G talk in the Asia-Pacific, as Singapore rolls out its third-generation mobile phone networks.

roundup The last few months have been a hotbed for 3G talk in Singapore as the nation's operators rolled out its third-generation mobile phone networks.

During a recent 3G seminar in Singapore, operators in the Asia-Pacific region expressed uncertainty about the uptake of 3G services.

To grow their 3G subscriber base, Singapore operators have tried to woo early adopters by offering niche content, such as exclusive drama serials for small screens (on mobile devices), English soccer highlights, as well as pricing video calls the same as voice calls.

Here are some 3G news highlights featured in ZDNet Asia in the last three months.

Voice to dominate 3G traffic, says expert
Despite 3G's potential to support video streaming, voice will dominate more than half of the high-speed cellular technology traffic, says an industry expert.
May 25, 2005

Ericsson touts true multimedia experience
A new technology from Ericsson promises to let mobile users send pictures and transmit video in the middle of a phone conversation, according to a company official.
May 19, 2005

StarHub finds allure of 3G in mobile TV
StarHub hopes Singaporeans will tune in to its third-generation mobile phone services by offering a wider selection of on-demand video programming.
April 26, 2005

Ericsson snags 3G outsourcing deal with M'sian operator
Malaysian operator Maxis Communications has awarded Ericsson a contract to run its third-generation mobile network.
April 13, 2005

Service with a chip
The International Telecommunication Union predicts that the number of mobile phone subscribers will reach almost 1.5 billion worldwide by mid-2005, representing about one-quarter of the global population.
March 29, 2005

M1 returns salvo in 3G price war
MobileOne has slashed tariffs for its third-generation mobile services, piling on the pressure in its price war with SingTel.
March 17, 2005