5 more apps for your new HP TouchPad

New HP TouchPad owners can't get enough information about good apps for the tablet, so here is a list of five I like.

If I doubted how many folks snapped up an HP TouchPad at the crazy fire-sale pricing recently that was erased by the amount of email I am getting from new owners. I am getting asked every kind of question about the tablet imaginable, and especially about apps available for it. My original list of 10 apps that I like was not enough to sate the curiosity of many of you, so here's another 5 apps I use on my TouchPad.

TouchFeeds. This Google Reader app is one of the most heavily used apps on my TouchPad. It syncs all of my hundreds of RSS fees with the Google mothership, and is as fast as greased lightning. It is not uncommon for me to have over a thousand articles in my inbox, and TouchFeeds makes it a breeze to sail through them in short order. $2.99.

Video Flood HD. The Touchpad is perfect for watching video, and this app is a great way to do that. It provides access to online video shows, network TV shows, podcasts and movies. The interface is simple and makes the large amount of available video shows very accessible. It is a great way to spend some unexpected free time with your tablet. $1.99.

webOS News. TouchPad owners new to the webOS platform will likely want to keep up with the latest news about the OS. This app aggregates all of the primary (and best) sources of information about webOS in an attractive interface tailor-made for skimming lots of articles. Just tap on any news that interests you and read it all right in the app. Like any good news app this one also aggregates top items about competing mobile platforms to give a rounded picture of the space. Free.

Mosaic. Those who prefer a visual presentation for RSS news should look no further than Mosaic. This app syncs with Google Reader and brings unread news items into a distinctive grid that lets news of interest stand out from the crowd. I find it can be overwhelming for the hundreds of RSS feeds I follow, but those with fewer to keep track of will like it just fine. Free.

Glimpse. The multitasking of the TouchPad is good, and the card metaphor used to represent running apps is innovative. There are times when it is nice to run multiple tasks in a single app, and Glimpse steps up to handle this in style. The app can have as many as 5 panes open at once, each running a different task to show the most information on a screen possible. Glimpse includes a number of widgets to run in these panes that handle common tasks, like Twitter, Google Reader, regular RSS feeds and even a web browser. Users can configure as many panes as desired from the full palette available. I was impressed with Glimpse and wrote a full review of it here. It has gained even more functionality since that review was written. $5.00.