5 reasons Wall Street should be bullish on 3D printing

One Wall Street analyst is projecting the 3D printing market to triple within five years.
Written by Tyler Falk, Contributor

Many have touted the future of 3D printing, including the President of the United States. Now it's Wall Street's turn.

Earlier this week, Citigroup analyst Kenneth Wong wrote a bullish note to clients saying the 3D printing market "is on the cusp of seeing much broader adoption across more upstream production applications and the consumer end market." He projects the market to triple within five years.

Wong is particularly high on two companies, 3D Systems, which he says is "best positioned to capitalize on all three potential market opportunities (prototyping, manufacturing, consumer)" and Stratasys, in which he sees "sustainable margin expansion and earnings growth with materials consumption driving recurring revenue mix."

Here are five reasons Wong might be right:

Not that there won't be hiccups along the way, but the industry still has plenty of room to grow.

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