5 Things About Ryan Stewart

I give into the meme sweeping the world and tell you five things you may not know about me.
Written by Ryan Stewart, Contributor

I was tagged by Terry and Mary Jo, so I'm going to give in and do this meme (although a bit late). And frankly I hope you guys enjoy learning more about me. So:

Five Things You May Not Know About Me

1. I spent a summer working in an underground coal mine. Between my Sophomore and Junior years in college my parents moved from Wyoming (where all of my friends were) to Colorado (where I had no friends). I didn't have an internship that Sophomore summer and the job I'd had my Freshman summer (doing IT support for the school district) was up in Wyoming. My dad is a mining engineer, which means living in small coal mining towns. The town they moved to had about 6,000 people with not a lot of summer jobs to pick from. As a result, I worked in the coal mine. I learned a lot about hard work and people. I wouldn't trade that summer experience for anything.

2. I was a national qualifier for speech and debate in high school. I did Student Congress and Extemp all four years of high school and got good enough to qualify for nationals. I've met a few people over the years who did speech and debate in high school and it always makes for interesting conversations. I also played football but I was really bad at it.

3. I'm a huge ice hockey fan. I've never played a game in my life but I love the sport. Because I'm from Wyoming/Colorado I've always rooted for the Avalanche but I'm hoping and praying that the Pittsburgh Penguins move to Portland. I will get season tickets in a heartbeat.

4. I climbed Mount Rainer this summer. I've always been into backpacking and hiking with a bit of rock climbing thrown in but my first real mountaineering experience was this last summer when I climbed Mount Rainier. I loved it and hope to get into it more and more over the next few years.

5. I have season tickets to the Seattle Seahawks. When I was in Philadelphia the waiting period for Eagles tickets was something like 30 years. I've always wanted season tickets to a football team so the first thing I did when I took the job here in Seattle was grab tickets for next season. This was right before they went to the super bowl and now there's a waiting list here in Seattle. If you're ever here in Seattle for a game, send me an email. I like taking different people to the game with me (football fans or not).

Update: Whoops, I just remembered that I'm supposed to tag other people. How about Tony, Jeff, Jesse, Tariq and Matt.

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