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Hiring kit: Solution architect

Hiring kit: Solution architect

The solution architect is vital to an enterprise's overall technical vision when implementing solutions in an era of business digital transformation. This hiring kit includes a job description, sample...

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The death of workplace formality

Office workers want their workplace to be flexible, adaptable and free from processes and systems that slow down productivity. Read more: http://zd.net/2CxUIHn

January 4, 2018

Collaboration software: Time to call BS

Collaboration software sounds great in theory, but like the open floor plan in offices there are downsides. The noise can be a bit ridiculous. Tools like Slack--and things like Yammer and a graveyard of other tools--were supposed to end email. Instead, email is still favored by workers to get real work done. Why? Enterprise social networking is too noisy. How many times have we wanted to yell into one of our 100 Slack channels so people will stay on point. It's a chat fest that can hurt productivity. Now it looks like vendors may be getting more of a clue. Atlassian launched software called Stride that has a focus button and tools that can turn conversations into workflows with integrated video and voice meetings on the fly. Perhaps the biggest perk is the focus button. Collaboration needs an offramp and let's face it you can spend more time collaborating instead of getting work done. There needs to be more of this. Whether it's Facebook@Work, which is basically a version of Facebook for the enterprise, Microsoft Teams or some other package collaboration has forgotten about the work and productivity part of the equation. Sometimes you need to duck your head and plow through a few tasks.

September 12, 2017 by

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