A halloween challenge: Windows 7 vs MacOS X

I've been reviewing what other people say and show about WIndows 7 - and it looks stunningly familiar - almost like I've used this stuff before: on a Mac, say.

Ok, if you're hiding from kids suffering from sugar candy hangovers I have a challenge for you - and, especially for those who like and use Microsoft Windows on a regular basis.

The challenge is this: offer a list of anything new in the Microsoft Windows 7 M3 pre-beta release for desktop use sometime in 2010 that doesn't work on a Mac laptop now.

From personal libraries and gadgets to gesture support, it looks stunningly familiar - and if, like me, you don't have personal access and have to go by third party reports, here's a whole bunch of google hits on stuff by my fellow zdnet bloggers - everything from leg tingles to comments from Microsoft technologists and all with lots of helpful screenshots.

Good Luck - oh, and if you can't find anything that's exactly compelling? well, then there's probably something you should be asking yourself, isn't there?


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