A-lister Apple iPad reviews go live, PC Mag offers most depth

There are a few select journalists that Apple sends products to for reviews and the embargo has apparently lifted as the floodgates opened this evening. PC Magazine hit it out of the park with a very extensive, in-depth review that I highly recommend you go check out.

Special Report: Apple iPad
The three main typical characters we expect to get Apple products before everyone else posted their reviews of the iPad, but I didn't really find much we didn't know about the iPad and actually found the 11 recent Apple videos to be more informative than these reviews and it wasn't like their conclusions were any real surprise. Then I read Tim Gideon's review on PC Magazine and was left with a few answers to questions I had about the device. Tim's review spans a full four pages and includes a very good video walk through of the device. I expect to see reviews like this from sites like Engadget, Gizmodo, TiPB, and here on ZDNet when we all get our iPads this weekend. I know I set aside much of this weekend to work on several articles and know that Joel will also be writing up his thoughts so stay tuned for lots of coverage that should help you with your purchase decision of a rather expensive product.

Here are the current reviews that are up for the Apple iPad:

I have a number of questions still left unanswered that I plan to cover this weekend, but please do feel free to ask me questions or post what types of things you want me to cover in my articles too.