A Twitter conference: not as silly as it sounds

Can you imagine how many tweets might come out of a Twitter Conference?Well, get ready, New York City.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Can you imagine how many tweets might come out of a Twitter Conference?

Well, get ready, New York City. The 140 Characters Conference is slated for June 16-17. And conference organizer Jeff Pulver - creator of Voice Over Net (VON) events - says the event will "explore the effects of Twitter" on celebrities, media and advertising.

I can see the tweets already.

In all seriousness, a conference like this is actually a pretty good idea, for a couple of reasons:

  • First, it's fresh. Twitter has become an overnight sensation - but who knows how long the fad will last if, in fact, it is just a fad. It's good to get the interested parties together now while the momentum is high instead of later when the excitement could potentially slow down.
  • Second, it's still confusing. The buzz of it has a number of people talking about it - but it's not easy to explain. And people use it for different reasons. And on different platforms. I imagine that there could be a lot of sharing - and learning - from a show like this.
  • Finally, there's a business model behind Twitter that's starting to grow - apps for the iPhone, salesforce.com and so on. While Twitter - the company itself - is still working on its own revenue plan, Twitter's technology is sparking some real business that could potentially find investors, partners and even competitors at an event like this.

Who knows what sort of news might come out of an event like this? On Monday, Pulver put out a call for speakers, asking that they tweet nominations (of course) to #140conf or by email at jeff@pulver.com. The deadline for speaking proposals is April 10. And he's also looking for sponsors and exhibitors.

Note to PR types: Keep your story pitches and press releases for this event limited to 140 characters and I promise to read them.

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