A Year Ago: IBM boosts ThinkPad range

First published: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 15:40:16 GMT
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor

IBM added three notebooks to its ThinkPad families today claiming that it is trying to reach the "price sensitive buyer".

The ThinkPad 310ED, priced £1,429 is based on a Pentium 166MHz MMX processor with L2 cache and boasts up to 32 MB of standard memory. It has a 2.1Gb hard disk drive, 12.1-inch DSTN screen and an optional 20x-8x CD-ROM drive. There is integrated stereo speakers, SoundBlaster Pro-compatible audio, and MPEG-1 video playback and Zoomed Video port support. For network connectivity, the PC Card slots on the ThinkPad 310 series can accept one Type III or two Type II PC Cards.

The ThinkPad 380XD is based on Pentium 266 MHz or 233 MHz MMX processors and has stereo speakers with a sub-woofer, 32MB of standard memory, 12.1-inch TFT or High-Performance Addressing (HPA) screen, 2MB of VRAM, and a 24x-10x CD-ROM drive. There is also an optional 56K PC Card modem. Prices start at £1,899.

The ThinkPad 560X is based on a Pentium 200 MHz MMX processor and has a 2.1 Gb hard disk, 32MB of standard memory and 12.1-inch HPA screen. The 560X is priced at £2,232.

IBM is also running a special offer until March 31where it will supply a standard carry case and an EtherJet PC Card free with every purchase of an IBM Thinkpad.

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