A Year Ago: Naughton jury still in deliberations

First published: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 15:01:59 GMT

Infoseek exec trial fails to reach a verdict

The jury in the trial of Patrick Naughton has failed to reach a verdict so far and will try again Tuesday. The panel has been deliberating since Friday afternoon on charges Naughton travelled across state lines to have sex with a young girl and possessed child pornography.

Attorneys for both sides were called back into court twice Monday, after jurors asked for some clarification. At one point, they asked to have a transcript of the entire testimony of Naughton and the two FBI agents who posed as the girl in a chat room and on the Santa Monica Pier. The judge told jurors they could review specific parts of their testimony, but they couldn't read entire transcripts.

Jurors also asked for testimony relating to "Alyssa," another FBI agent posing as a young girl who had corresponded with him in a chat room.

Law enforcement warns us of the dangers of the Net and how the medium is a new haven for criminals, but the anonymity of the Web cuts both ways. Go to AnchorDesk UK for the news comment from Randy Barret.

Take me to the Web of Porn Special

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