Aaron Ardiri ports Lemmings from PalmOS to multiple platforms in 36 hours

Fully playable on iPhone, Palm, Mac, Windows and Linux.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor on

On June 23rd Aaron Ardiri started live blogging a challenge to himself: porting his old PalmOS-based version of Lemmings to multiple platforms. Well, a mere 36 development hours later and he has a fully playable version compiled natively for four platforms, complete with sound, awaiting approval on the App Store (iPhone) and App Catalog (Palm), and freely available immediately for Windows and Mac on his blog.

I just had a chance to play around with the iPhone version, after playing the Mac version the other day, and have to say that it's flawless. The touch response is spot-on and I even shot the video below to prove that it really does work. Hopefully Apple will let it through so that everyone can enjoy the game.

Congrats to Aaron! Apparently he's now thinking of extending his dev environment to include a port to Android. Let's all weigh in on the comments below to help push him into challenging himself, yet again.

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