Joel Evans

With more than fifteen years of mobile, Internet and wireless experience, Joel specializes in taking existing brands, technologies and services into the mobile and wireless space. Joel is currently the Vice President of Strategy Integration for Mobiquity, an enterprise-class mobile solutions provider. Prior to Mobiquity, Evans was Managing Director of Cronk Software, Inc., a company he founded to offer full-service, end-to-end mobile strategy, design and development services. Joel is also the former founder and "Chief Geek" of, a website praised by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and others as one of world's best sources of information for technology professionals and enthusiasts. He brings decades of relationships with leading game publishers, online communities and publishers, along with both hardware and software product management and delivery expertise. Joel can be found online as "JoelGeek" and you can follow him on Twitter @JoelGeek or link to him on LinkedIn.

Joel has consulted for Microsoft's Windows Mobile division, GTECH, and others and advises other companies on how to incorporate mobile into their existing brands and products. Joel purchases many of his devices and others are sent for review on a 30-day loaner basis and then returned to the supplier. If any devices are provided as "keeper" Joel will clearly disclose this in his reviews.

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