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Dana Blankenhorn has been covering business since 1978, technology since 1982, and the online world since 1985. (The picture was taken at Atlantic Station, a real estate development near downtown Atlanta, in 2008.)

His interest in healthcare dates from the year 2000, when he felt light-headed during a marketing conference in California and came back to find out he had hypertension and a cholesterol level like that of an Internet stock.

Diet, exercise, and fancy drugs have things under control, but he still finds himself spending an inordinate amount of his wife's health insurance benefit on himself, which he does not want to do.

Rethinking Healthcare is not just a personal blog, however. It is about all the efforts being made to make health care better, cheaper, and more personal.

This includes everything from government policy, to health IT technology, to research and new drugs, to medical equipment, to gadgets that might interface with your PC and give real-time data to your Personal Health Record, thus (perhaps) saving your life. It's a wide waterfront, and we'll cover all of it.

I hope you will join this voyage of discovery meant to stave off your death, and my own. It's the continual search for knowledge that keeps us all alive and vital. Welcome to Rethinking Healthcare.

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