Adobe ships ColdFusion 8

Development tool promises a host of new features to improve businesses' websites and applications

Adobe has released its ColdFusion 8 development tool for building dynamic websites and rich internet applications.

The new release is designed to increase developer productivity by integrating with complex enterprise environments and identifying bottlenecks to tune the server for better performance. Improved server-monitoring capabilities allow ColdFusion 8 to provide granular reports on which requests are taking the longest and which objects within a page are performing poorly.

Built with the help of over 14,000 public beta program developers, ColdFusion 8 uses Ajax-based components, enabling users to design and deploy engaging applications with more intuitive interfaces. This release offers expanded .Net integration, along with better Windows Vista and JBoss support, to provide enhanced efficiency, interoperability between disparate systems, and scalability. 

The new version, which is available in two editions, enables developers to integrate their ColdFusion applications with other Adobe technologies, including Adobe Flex, PDF, Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) and Adobe LiveCycle.

ColdFusion 8 Enterprise Edition is designed for delivering multiple websites and applications on one or more servers, and costs £3,706 per two CPUs.

ColdFusion 8 Standard Edition is designed for single applications at the small- to medium-sized business level and costs £642 per two CPUs.

There is also a free, full-featured Developer Edition for development use only.