Alex Daley of Casey Research talks Bitcoin (Podcast)

With the price of Bitcoin dropping faster than Congressional approval ratings, it's time to take a closer look at the world's most popular and most controversial cryptocurrency.

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During one of my heated Twitter battles with Bitcoiners and Bitcoin small-timers, someone posted a video titled, "What is Bitcoin? - Exclusive World Premiere Documentary on Why Bitcoin Matters". If you can ignore the rather grandiose title and actually watch the video, you'll find the typical pro Bitcoin chatter surrounding the cryptocurrency, which, in my humble opinion is nothing more than a standard investment "pump" before the corresponding "dump". You'll also find the thoughtful anti-Bitcoin advice from Alex Daley, the chief technology investment strategist for Casey Research and senior editor of Casey Extraordinary Technology and BIG TECH.

I liked Alex and his manner of speaking so much in the video that I sought him out for an interview. His experience in the financial business, his investment strategies, his history as a developer all make him a very compelling force in the financial sector. He is also very much against my favorite crypto-nemesis, Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin is one of those religious topics that musters emotions and name-calling that I haven't had the pleasure of being involved in since the semi-early days of Linux zealotry. Linux has one significant advantage over Bitcoin: You can actually see the value in Linux and so it has stood the test of time.

Bitcoin is not so lucky and I think a lot of people are realizing that this fad currency is just silly as a currency and a very high risk as an investment. For something that should have stayed in fantasy worlds such as WoW, Mt. Gox, Silk Roads 1 & 2, and Second Life, Bitcoin has made it onto the radars of a few innocent people and a gaggle of not-so-innocent pump-and-dumpers.

During the forty-three minute podcast discussion, Alex and I touch on several Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related topics such as credit/lending, Bitcoin's current price drop, the long-term hope for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and some interesting discussion about money and currency in general. I think you'll find Alex to be a great resource and an eloquent speaker on money, cryptocurrencies, and market outlooks.

Podcast details:

Format: MP3. Length: 43:14 minutes. Rating: G for all audiences.

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