Alphabet's Nest building cheaper thermostat, home security system: Report

Time to make Nest an ecosystem: Alphabet is looking for deeper integration into your home.

(Image: CNET)

Alphabet's Nest is developing a cheaper version of the flagship Nest thermostat as well as a new set of home security products, according to Bloomberg.

The cheaper Nest thermostat, which could retail for under $200, is said to have cheaper components and could lack the metal edges found on the current $249 model. The cheaper version could launch by next year.

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Bloomberg further reported home security products under development include a home-security alarm system, a digital doorbell, and new indoor security camera that could identify people.

An end-to-end security system is believed to launch in 2017, with a central hub and keypad, alarm sensors, and quick control fob. A digital doorbell is also in development that could launch as soon as 2018.

Following its acquisition of Dropcam, things have been quiet out of Nest lately, with no new products. The team at Dropcam also had a tough time integrating within Nest, according to The Information.

Alphabet wasn't immediately available to comment.

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