Amazon completes acquisition of Twitch

Amazon has sealed the deal on Twitch, a game-streaming service the company says is an "awesome" cultural fit.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer
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Amazon's acquisition of Twitch is complete, bringing the online video streaming company into the retail giant's fold.

The acquisition of Twitch was announced in late August. The deal, worth $970 million, is Amazon's largest and most expensive acquisition to date. According to a new SEC filing, the buyout is now complete.

Twitch users are able to stream video game sessions in real time. One of the most well-known examples of a game hosted on Twitch is "Twitch plays Pokemon," a social experiment in which thousands of users all contributed to playing the game simultaneously. The company estimates that in total, over one million people participated and the stream accounted for 55 million views.

The company has over 55 million active monthly users.

By taking on Twitch, Amazon is not only expanding beyond the confines of e-commerce, but the firm is becoming more of a multimedia company. Twitch contributes online video streaming, and joins Amazon's book publishing, video streaming and game production.

Earlier the month, vide president of Amazon Game Studios Mike Frazzini said that the acquisition of Twitch was based on meeting the company's leadership team and understanding the Twitch culture. The team, which Frazzini said was "an awesome fit with Amazon’s culture," is the key element which prompted the buyout.

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