Amazon faces criticism following series of blunders

Online giant's woes mount
Written by Wendy McAuliffe, Contributor
Internet giant Amazon has been repeatedly criticised for allegedly unscrupulous treatment of its customers. The company's decision to abstain from supplying its CD sales figures to Chart Information Network for the compilation of the official UK music chart was seen as hypocritical after its recent willingness to share customer information with its US headquarters. ZDNet looks at the accusations currently facing the e-tailer. AMAZON IN THE NEWS:
Amazon.co.uk refuses to join UK charts
Thu, 28 Sep Amazon is treating CD sales figures more carefully than customers' personal information, critics charge Amazon.com apologises for random price test
Thu, 28 Sep Privacy concerns escalate as Amazon runs 'price test possibly linked to customers' demographic information Amazon defends its strategy to investors
Wed, 20 Sep Amazon executives defended its much-maligned business model before Wall Street analysts, who have grown increasingly frustrated with the money-losing company B&N replaces Amazon as preferred merchant on Yahoo!
Tue, 19 Sep Yahoo! and Amazon split amicably -- Barnes & Noble swoops in to take Amazon's place Amazon accused of breaking data protection laws
Tue, 19 Sep British consumers denied their right to say "no" in the transmission of their personal data, says action group Amazon.com to share customer information
Fri, 01 Sep Amazon.com risks PR nightmare with decision to share customer information COMMENT
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