AmazonSupply debuts industrial parts, materials retail store

Amazon is expanding its retail store offerings to business and industrial clients with its new AmazonSupply online store.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Amazon's new vertical venture AmazonSupply debuts today as an online retail space for the non-consumer market.

In essence, it's an Amazon.com-like experience for businesses and industrial customers.

Dedicated to offering a wide variety of parts, supplies and materials to governments, private business and commercial customers, the company just knocked its competitive edge up to a Spinal Tap "11".

The online store sells over 500,00 items, including laboratory equipment such as centrifuges, materials including bronze, copper and plastic, all the way down to end pieces like nuts, bolts and screws, over a range of categories including lab and scientific, occupational health and safety, and a dozen more.

Amazon's move puts it squarely in the business-to-business supply space and in competition with companies like Grainger and Inventables as well as other outfits catering to businesses and industrial customers.

The retail giant's business-to-business move remains interesting, considering how consumer focused the company has been in recent years. Despite 'regular' Amazon.com still serving to fulfil the vast majority of its customers, including many businesses and enterprise customers, Amazon is covering all bases by hitting a rapid expansion point.

Retaining its strong customer focus regardless of the industry, AmazonSupply offers free two-day shipping on orders $50 or more, and offers a 365 day return, corporate lines of credit, and a dedicated customer service center.

Image credit: ZDNet/Amazon.


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