An "extra-ordinary" floating cinema in London

East London is animating its waterways. Check out images of the winning design for the next Floating Cinema.
Written by Sonya James, Contributor

Imagine you've just arrived in a new city. You run around until you're dead tired doing the things everyone does in said new city (the shops, the museums, the galleries, the restaurants).

Image: Duggan Morris Architects

Finally, you find yourself adrift on an old work boat watching a film projected across the river.  Perfection.

These special events ultimately define a city's character.

The Floating Cinema in London is an old work boat re-imagined into a cinema for intimate on-board film screenings, larger outdoor film events and other film-related activities.

Artists Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie (known collectively as Somewhere) curated the first phase of The Floating Cinema as part of an artist-led program to animate the waterways in East London. The project was commissioned by the Legacy List with corporate partner Bloomberg and is headed by UP Projects.

Somewhere writes, "The structure navigated the waterways of the five Olympic host boroughs during the summer of 2011 and during that time events were held in 26 venues and included screenings of more than 60 filmmakers, 10 bespoke tours, and was visited by over 75,000 people."

This next phase of the project began last June with a call-out for proposals on the theme “Extra-Ordinary".

Congratulations to the winner, Duggan Morris Architects.

UP Projects and The Architecture Foundation just announced that the firm won the Open Architecture Challenge with their proposal 'A Strange Cargo of Extra-Ordinary Objects'.

The new floating cinema is scheduled to launch in June 2013.

Image: Duggan Morris Architects

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