Ang Miah Boon - gentleman in new economy

Adhering to a principle-centered business philosophy, 53-year-old Ang Miah Boon, VP and MD of Network Associates (AP), declares that customers and partners must be treated equitably and on the basis of trust.

Ang Miah Boon Adhering to a principle-centered business philosophy, 53-year-old Ang Miah Boon, vice president and managing director of Network Associates (Asia Pacific), declares that customers and partners must be treated equitably and on the basis of trust.

Describe your achievement and impact on the industry.
It is really up to the industry and market to judge my achievements and the impact I have on the industry. In the thirty years, there are so many aspects of the job that I feel good about, while there are without doubt, some disappointing times. Having been in so many roles, it is truly difficult to pinpoint one event as my greatest achievement.

What do you like about your work?
What drives me about this job and what sustains me are the results that I would like the company to achieve. The other exciting aspect is the people - how I can build a team and how I can pass your personal goals and skills to the employees. As long as these two aspects are present, I will keep on going.

Do you have a personal business philosophy that you adhere to?
I adhere to a principle-centered business philosophy. I believe in doing business ethically. I believe in dealing with customers and partners on the basis of trust. I believe in treating everyone equitably as well. I believe that one cannot chase success or money in themselves, because these are consequences. Everyone should first try to take control of your destiny by setting a goal. Then prepare yourself to achieve it. Once you do your job right, once you do your best, you will be able to deliver results. If you focus on doing a good job, doing your job well, the results will happen. Don't chase for the ends, the goals. Think through your process. In short, we will achieve our goals when we focus on doing our best, in doing a good job.

How do you define success? Do you consider yourself to be successful?
I define success as the achievement of goals that are most important to each individual. In my personal life, success is not only measured by how successful I see myself but is measured by how others view, or say about me. Success is reflected by others, not yourself.

Any role model whom you look up to?
I have several role models. My father is definitely one of my role models. He is my mentor. He is selfless, cares greatly for others, and loves children in equal form. Another person I admire would definitely be Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's Senior Minister. I admire him for his leadership qualities and his intelligence in transforming Singapore into the modern, highly industrialized hub city that it is today. As you know, everyone is different. It is difficult to find all the qualities you admire in one person.

One of the reasons I joined Network Associates was George Samenuk, the CEO of Network Associates. He asked me to join him and I did, because I like George Samenuk. What do I like about him? I like him because he is a warm person, he is personable, he is a man of great integrity, he is trustworthy, and he trusts people to do the job. I am comfortable working with him. And that is why I am in Network Associates now.

What is your proudest achievement so far?
Achievements can be defined in many ways. For me, taking care and nurturing my family, my wife and my two children, is definitely one of my proudest achievements. As for my career, I am happy that I am recognised for my contributions in all the positions that I have had the opportunity to occupy. However, all of us should not lose sight of life's little and simple moments, those times that make us feel good about ourselves. These are life's achievements as well, and these are important achievements in themselves.

How about your biggest regret?
You always regret when you do not win a deal ... the question then is, how long are you going to regret it? The key is to move on and learn from one's mistakes. There are regrets in everyone's lives, and mine is no different. If anyone has regrets, one must reflect on it, move on and seize the opportunity to make amends, and do what you have not done before. One must not dwell on those regrets too much nor make the same mistakes again.

What is your favorite form of relaxation?
I enjoy relaxing with my family, my friends, over a game of golf and over drinks. One can also relax while one is on the job, working is not necessarily pressurising. If you enjoy what you're doing, that is another form of relaxation. When you achieve your goals, that is also very relaxing!

Which Web sites do you visit most often? What kind of books do you read?
I normally visit news and financial-related Web sites, to gain information on news, markets and current affairs, among others. As for books, I enjoy reading both fiction and non-fiction books. For fiction, crime, detective and legal eagle novels are my favorites. But I do not like romances. For non-fiction, I enjoy reading up on business issues, especially those dealing with management principles.

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