Another unmetered ISP bites the dust

They are falling like flies, and even the ones that are still going are disappointing ZDNet readers

Another unmetered access ISP appears to have gone belly up as ZDNet receives more complaints from disgruntled users.

Following AltaVista's U-turn on unmetered access, the ZDNet mailroom has been inundated with mails from angry surfers. According to one, Ezesurf is the latest victim of the unmetered fiasco.

Both Ezesurf's Web site and the link to the service from Caledonian Internet -- which resells for Ezesurf -- appear to be broken and the telephone numbers for Ezesurf are not working.

The deal -- a one-off fee of £39.99 for free Internet calls -- proved to be too good to be true, claims ZDNet reader Simon Ward. "The dial-in number is now unobtainable," he says. "Unsurprisingly Ezesurf is not answering the phone."

BT's SurfTime may be still up and running but it is not always unmetered, says Steven Mills, a less than happy SurfTime subscriber. Since signing up for the service Mills claims BT has been charging him for calls that should be free. His last bill had £13.26 worth of Internet calls that were made between 6pm and 8am when calls are supposed to be free.

"After fourteen phone calls they finally admitted there was a problem at their end. Previously they had tried to blame me, Freeserve and anyone else under the sun," he says

BT claims there was a billing problem at the launch of SurfTime but that this was cleared up by 12 June.

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