AOL broadband-in-a-box hits the shops

High street retailers link up with AOL UK to sell fat pipes off the shelf

Leading retailers Carphone Warehouse and Comet have started offering 'Easy-Install' modem packs for AOL Broadband.

Comet will distribute the kits in 260 shops across the UK. Both retailers will share marketing costs with the ISP.

The move builds on existing relationships AOL has with the companies to distribute CDs for its narrowband service.

Carphone Warehouse also recently signed a broadband-in-a-box deal with AOL rival Telewest, which supplies high-speed access over cable in certain areas of the UK.

Freeserve, another AOL competitor, rolled out a similar scheme in April through Currys, Dixons, The Link and PC World.

The Easy-Install packs are sold for £85 in the shops or £95 including delivery when bought online. Thereafter AOL Broadband costs £27.99 per month subject to a 12-month contract.

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