Apollo hitting the big time

Apollo gets some press over on Tech Crunch, but more exciting is that in the wider world people are standing up and taking notice about Rich Internet Applications.


As Alex Barnett says, 2007 is going to be a big year for Rich Internet Applications. Hopefully we'll even be able to say it without quotes Alex .;)

The most recent indication of this is the attention Apollo is getting today. Mike Arrington talked to Kevin Lynch on TalkCrunch and the result is one of the better TalkCrunch podcasts in a while. Mike also adds some information on TalkCrunch and the comments there are mostly positive. But more important to me than having Mike Arrington cover RIAs is the groundswell within the tech community. Amyloo looks interested in Apollo (though I don't like the dig against ColdFusion). Jonas over at kloud9 uses language I can understand and describes Apollo as S-W-E-E-T. Finally, all things Dork has some great reasons why Apollo is going to be such a big deal.

The next generation of the web is coming and I can tell you it's not filled with applications that run inside the browser. It's going to be built on technologies like Apollo, Windows Presentation Foundation, Flex, "WPF/E" and OpenLaszlo - the kinds of technologies that allow you to build fantastic, engaging experiences that aren't limited by running inside the browser. Because applications like this will give people far more control over their data and developers far more control over interactions, the average user is going to adopt them big time.

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