Apple Boot Camp supports Vista

Dual-boot system gets Vista compatibility in its latest beta release, ahead of Leopard's full emergence in the spring

Windows Vista is now usable on Intel-based Apple computers, following the release of the latest version of Boot Camp.

Although Boot Camp — an application that lets users with Intel-based Macs install Windows alongside Mac OS X — is still in beta, version 1.2 is the first to support Vista installations.

The next full release of Mac OS X, Leopard, will contain a fully-fledged version of Boot Camp. Rumours had recently been circulating that Leopard was to be held back until October, beyond its official target release date of Q2 2007, because of Vista's compatibility issues with Boot Camp.

However, with the latest beta release, this theory seems unlikely. Indeed, a spokesperson for Apple, speaking to ZDNet UK on Thursday, argued that "we plan to release Leopard in spring 2007".

Version 1.2 of the Boot Camp beta also includes updated drivers, support for the Apple Remote and "improved keyboard support" for Korean, Chinese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian and French Canadian languages.