Apple financials - Q4 '08

Highlights from Apple's Q4 '08 conference call.

Highlights from Apple's Q4 '08 conference call.

Apple financials - Q4 2008
Note: Apple's stock price closed at $91.49. After hours it was trading at $93.40 before the announcement.

  • Record breaking on a number of fronts
  • More Macs sold than in any previous quarter
  • More iPhones sold this quarter than over all previous quarters
  • More iPods sold than in any other non-Holiday quarter
  • Revenue of $6.22 billion
  • Profits of $904 million
  • International sales accounted for 41%
  • 2,611,000 Macs sold - 21% unit growth, 17% revenue growth over year-ago quarter
  • 11,052,000 iPods sold - 8% unit growth, 3% revenue growth over year-ago quarter
  • Total iPods sold to date: 174,093,000
  • 6,892,000 iPhones sold compared to 1,119,000 in the year-ago-quarter
  • Total iPhones sold to date: 11,627,000
  • iPod market share in the US over 70%
  • $25 billion of cash safely in the bank with zero debt
  • Guidance for Q1 '09 - revenue of $9.0 to $10.0 billion and earnings per diluted share between $1.06 and $1.35
  • iTunes store has more than 65 million active accounts
  • Apple beat RIM this quarter, so the iPhone has for the first time outsold the Blackberry after only 15 months in the market
  • Apple now third larger mobile phone manufacturers in terms of revenue (behind Nokia and Samsung)
  • Apple customers more likely to delay purchase in tough times rather than switch
  • Steve Jobs on netbook: "Not a lot of them getting sold."
  • K12 business down.
  • Steve Jobs on price: "There are some customers we choose not to serve."

Note: In after hours trading AAPL price has shot up over 11% to $102.21.

Apple Q4 '08 press release here.


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