Apple may finally be providing their own mapping solution in iOS 6

Apple has always included Google Maps in their iOS products and left high end navigation and mapping up to 3rd party developers. It looks like Apple may finally be stepping up and trying to take on Google Maps Navigation found on Android devices.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Apple has always included a version of Google Maps on their iOS products and for basic mapping and GPS needs it has been fine. However, Google Maps Navigation on Android blows it out of the water for actual navigation needs and I always found it odd that Apple hasn't tried to beat Google in this area. There are excellent 3rd party applications that took on this role, but according to 9to5Mac it looks like Apple may finally be stepping up to the plate and launching their own mapping product in iOS 6.

This is still a rumor since we won't hear about iOS 6 until the WWDC in June, but it makes perfect sense to me and the trusted sources 9to5Mac cites appear to have provided some solid information. It looks like the service will be similar to Google Maps, but with some advanced 3D functions thanks in large part to recent companies Apple purchased to develop their mapping solution.

There is no information on whether or not this new app will support turn-by-turn navigation, but if Apple wants to take on Google Maps Navigation then they need to get it in there eventually. Do you want to see this or do you prefer to use your 3rd party application?

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