Apple plans a $1B bet on Nevada

Apple looks to add another major datacenter to their infrastructure; this one in the western US.

About $90,000,000 in tax abatements over the next decade have appeared to entice Apple to build their next datacenter in Sparks, NV, along with a business office and shipping center in Reno.  The abatements will reduce Apple's tax burden for these new facilities by almost 80% over the next 10 years. Studies have shown that local and state governments would collect about $16,000,000 in revenue from the Apple projects over the life of the abatements.

The billion dollar investment over the next 10 years comes as welcome news to an area that has been mired in the economic doldrums.  Estimates indicate as many as 41 full time jobs and 200 contract positions will become available via the Apple facilities and have over $300 million in economic impact to the local community. Construction of the facility over the next 6 months (the datacenter has a target date of ‘end of the year") would increase the short-term impact by over $100 million with more than 500 construction jobs.

Unlike Apple's previous major datacenter projects, the Sparks facility would be built within a technology industrial park that the local region has been developing with the hope of attracting major datacenter players. The planned Apple construction should make the location that much more appealing to smaller technology players and give the technology park a great start-up boost that could lead to future projects and increased tax revenue for the region.