Apple tries to put 2007 MacBook prototype back in the bottle

Apple wants its 3G MacBook prototype back from a North Carolina man who bought it on Craigslist for parts.

Apple is aiming to get a North Carolina man to return a 3G MacBook prototype after he bought it on Craigslist.

According to CNET News' Josh Lowensohn, Apple is chasing down its MacBook prototype, which included a slot for a SIM card and an external antenna. Carl Frega, the North Carolina man, bought the MacBook on Craigslist for parts.

This 2007 MacBook hit Craigslist just as the first iPhones were hitting the market. Given the interest in this one-of-a-kind prototype, Frega listed it on eBay. The prototype listing was pulled after bids hit $70,000.

Lowensohn's tale is a good read, but what's odd is that Apple is still trying to chase this old MacBook down. By the book, Apple is citing copyright infringement, trademark and intellectual property violations. However, Frega also lucked into this vintage MacBook. In some respects, this case isn't all that different than a baseball fan catching a home run ball and later selling it on eBay.

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