Apple's iPhone 3G goes on sale

The long-awaited second version of the iPhone, now with GPS, faster mobile broadband connectivity and several enterprise-friendly features, goes on sale

The second iteration of Apple's iPhone went on sale in 22 countries around the world on Friday.

The new device uses 3G connectivity, whereas its predecessor used the slower Edge standard, and it now also comes with a bevy of enterprise-friendly features. It also has GPS connectivity for the first time.

The iPhone 2.0 software, which can also be bought for use on the first iPhone, supports push email and synchronisation with Microsoft Exchange. The iPhone 3G can be wirelessly synchronised with a Windows PC, and has security features such as support for Cisco IPsec VPN and WPA2 Enterprise with 802.1x authentication for Wi-Fi network protection.

Third-party applications can now also be run, and Apple set its new App Store live on Thursday through its iTunes software. The App Store is itself an application that can run on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and is a portal for many free and paid-for applications, developed using Apple's software development kit, which can be downloaded to and immediately used on the devices.

O2, which has exclusivity for the iPhone in the UK, has launched business tariffs for the device for the first time, now it has more enterprise-friendly features. These tariffs, which all include an £8.51 (excluding VAT) 'iPhone bolt-on' for unlimited 3G data and usage of The Cloud's Wi-Fi network, start at £30.91 per month on a 24-month contract. Buying a new iPhone 3G on that cheapest contract would, however, cost £84.26 for the 8GB model or £135.32 for the 16GB model.

Business customers who had the original iPhone on a consumer tariff, but are now upgrading to an iPhone 3G on a business tariff, will get that upgrade for free. They will also be able to pass on their old iPhone to anyone who has an O2 SIM card — even a pay-as-you-go SIM — and that person will be able to then use the older device as long as they pay £10 per month (including VAT) for the iPhone bolt-on.

Consumers can pass on their old iPhone in a similar way, but they will have to pay £100 for the upgrade to the new model.

New devices can be bought at Apple stores, Carphone Warehouse outlets or through O2 itself. Upgrades from the old model to the new, however, cannot take place in Apple stores.


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