Apple's new core: it's Intel inside

Roundup: After a decade with IBM, Apple is ready for Intel inside. But can the Mac maker's customers take another architecture shift?

Apple makes the move to Intel
The migration away from IBM's PowerPC chips will take two years, says Steve Jobs, as he admits that Apple has been working with Intel for years

The Apple deal: what others are saying
From outrage to disbelief to approval, analysts, consumers and industry insiders have been buzzing about Apple Computer's switch to Intel

Apple's move to Intel driven by Transitive engine
Transitive will provide software to enable Apple's move to Intel, but fears remain about performance

Apple and chips
Leader: A world where every Apple has Intel inside will be very different to the one on Microsoft's road maps

Apple's tough year buys a bright future
Comment: Apple's transition to Intel will be tougher than it's letting on, but the prize will be worth it