Apple's new focus welcomed by CU

A leading UK Apple distributor today welcomed the firm's restructuring announcement yesterday.

Paul Holmes, communications manager of north London-based Computers Unlimited (CU), said he agreed with Steve Jobs's statement that Apple needed to concentrate on its core publishing and education sectors.

"Our background has always been selling to creative professionals," Holmes said. "We're taking a cross-platform view of the world but the truth is that 60-70 per cent of our customers are still taking the Mac route, almost in spite of the bad PR there has been.

"Also, Microsoft giving their stamp of approval and Larry Ellison joining the board also provides unification. I think it's a good, bold move."

Although CU doesn't currently sell clone products Holmes said he would be happy for Apple to be gentler with Mac OS system makers. "We're happy when the market is growing; it's all stimulating demand."