Apple's Steve Jobs at D8: Plenty of insight with ammo in reserve for WWDC

Apple CEO Steve Jobs kicks off the D8 conference with a Q&A session that offers no news but plenty of insight on topics that dominate Apple-related headlines these days.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Apple CEO Steve Jobs doesn't seem interested in revolutionizing TV the same way his company changed the mobile phone industry. But he is hopeful that newspapers will find a way to tap into iPad technology to keep the news flowing and keep us from becoming a nation that gets its news from bloggers.

Hey, should I be offended?

Apple's CEO spent 90 minutes Tuesday evening on the stage of the "D: All Things Digital" conference, kicking off the event, which is being held near Los Angeles this week. During the Q&A session, he tackled a lot of different topics - from the iPhone prototype that was lost/stolen and the back-and-forth battles with Adobe over Flash to his thoughts on AT&T's network and the competitive relationship with Google (Techmeme).

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