Application downtime costs Brazilian companies $18m in revenue

Local organizations are looking into disaster recovery as a service and datacenter consolidation to meet availability gap, says study
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

Brazilian companies are losing $18m in revenue a year with systems unavailability, according to a recent study.

The amount, above the world average of $16m in yearly downtime-related losses, is down to an average of 14 instances where crucial platforms were unavailable during the year, the research carried out by supplier Veeam says.

In Brazil, the average downtime period lasts for about two hours and when there is a system's failure, the average recovery time is three hours.

Some 53 percent of the applications maintained by the Brazilian companies surveyed are mission-critical to the business, with that amount going up to 62 percent within two years.

According to the report, most of the IT budgets in Brazil go towards storage upgrades (cited by 70 percent of those polled), server virtualization (70 percent) and operational system refreshes (67 percent). Some 40 percent cites that there is an interest in looking into datacenter consolidation and disaster recovery as a service.

These new investments are seen as a way of handling an issue defined as an "Availability Gap" - the actual gap between what business users require and what IT can deliver - as well as reviewing supplier service level agreements.

The Veeam survey heard 1140 IT executives worldwide.

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